APEC in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Participation in APEC

Hong Kong joined APEC in 1991. As provided for in the Basic Law, Hong Kong continued to participate in APEC as a separate and full member after 1997 using the name "Hong Kong, China".. HKC is represented by the Chief Executive and the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development at APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and APEC Ministerial Meeting respectively.

The Director-General of Trade and Industry is HKC's Senior Official to APEC and the Trade and Industry Department takes a leading role in HKC's participation in the forum, which includes participation at meetings of various APEC fora, as well as the coordination of other Government Bureaux'/Departments' participation in APEC.

As part of Hong Kong's support and contribution to APEC, the Government has seconded a Senior Administrative Officer to the APEC Secretariat in Singapore to undertake work relating to administration and finance.

Since 1996, the Government appoints representatives from the business community to participate in the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). Each representative serves an initial term of two years, subject to renewal by the Government. Over the years, Hong Kong’s ABAC representatives have provided valuable contributions to ABAC and through their active involvement in meetings and various initiatives, have helped raise Hong Kong’s profile in ABAC.


Importance of APEC to Hong Kong

APEC provides Hong Kong with a good opportunity to cooperate with APEC member economies on a wide range of economic and trade issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Given our close economic linkages with other economies in the region, we stand ready to contribute to and benefit from the APEC process.

Over the years, APEC member economies have worked together to take forward facilitation initiatives such as simplifying customs procedures, enhancing business mobility through the APEC Business Travel Card, promoting electronic commerce and establishing mutual recognition arrangements for telecommunications, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. Such work can help improve the region's business environment by slashing business costs and time.

Separately, our full and separate membership in APEC is also an example of the successful implementation of the "One Country, Two System" concept, and underlines our autonomy in external trade and economic matters.

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Gregory So Kam-leung, GBS, JP at 2015 APEC Ministerial Meeting, Manila, The Philippines 16-17 November 2015

Hong Kong's representatives to ABAC, Mr Alland Zeman (left) and Mr Anthony Nightingale (centre) and Dr Jonathan Choi attended the Fourth ABAC meetings in Mania, Nov 2015.


Chief Executive of Hong Kong, China Leung Chun-ying addresses the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting at the Yangqi Lake International Convention Center in Beijing, China, 2014


Ko Wing-man, Secretary, Food and Health Bureau, Hong Kong, China addresses the 3rd APEC Ministerial Food Security, Beijing, Sep2014 


Mr Gregory So Kam-leung Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Hong Kong, China addresses on the 26th APEC Minisiterial Meeting, Beijing, Nov 2014




Photo Courtesy of the Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong SAR Government; Hong Kong Government Information Services; and the APEC Secretariat (www.apec.org).


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