Message from the President


         Dr. Jonathon Choi

APEC and the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), have a special importance for Hong Kong, in part because it is one of just a few important international bodies in which Hong Kong participates as a full member. Its non-binding principles have enabled it to be visionary and actively focused on the trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation that are so critically important to businesses in Hong Kong. Its practice of highlighting best practice as a means of encouraging liberalisation is close to Hong Kong’s free market spirit.
For businesses in Asia, the priority APEC gives to listening to, and learning from, business concerns and experience, is rare and gratifying. The meetings that ABAC Members have with APEC Leaders every year provide a valuable opportunity for unimpeded dialogue between business and our senior-most leaders.
For businesses in Hong Kong, APEC and ABAC provide valuable fora in which to voice our long-standing support for free and open trade and investment promoted through multilateral channels. These have become even more important than usual because of recent challenges to the value of free trade and multilateralism
The aim of the Hong Kong-APEC Trade Policy Group is to make sure Hong Kong’s business voice is clearly and forcefully heard in the APEC economic region. For optimum effectiveness, it needs strong and active input from businesses that are based in Hong Kong and share our commitment to address protectionism, and to encourage trade and investment liberalisation.
As one of Hong Kong’s three ABAC members, I can assure you we stand ready to roll up our sleeves on behalf of Hong Kong business. Our hope is that this website – and the Trade Policy Group that underpins it – can keep you well informed on what we are trying to achieve, and can provide an easy channel for Hong Kong businesses to ensure we can hear – and reflect – your concerns clearly and forcefully.