Mission of the Hong Kong-APEC Trade Policy Group


The Hong Kong-APEC Trade Policy Group is a not-for-profit think tank established in October 2010 in Hong Kong, to augment the voice of Hong Kong business in policy discussion and formation in the Asia-Pacific region. We:

  • Support the activity of Hong Kong’s ABAC members, ensuring that the priority concerns of Hong Kong business are fully recognised by the HKSAR Government and in ABAC, and that these concerns are taken proper account of in regional policy discussion;

  • Complement the Hong Kong government’s own initiatives in APEC;

  • Build stronger links between Hong Kong’s ABAC members and the broader Hong Kong business community – both keeping business leaders better informed of regional developments that concern us, and enabling our ABAC members to take clearer account of local business priorities when participating in ABAC meetings are other APEC forums; and

  • Provide policy research focused on the APEC agenda to stimulate thought and debate on those policy initiatives that are of greatest material importance to Hong Kong, or on which Hong Kong business leaders (because of the nature of our economy) have distinctive insight and experience.


Primary guidance for the Group will come from Hong Kong’s three ABAC members, with a number of other key business leaders already committed to contribute.

Founding President of the Group is Mr Anthony Nightingale (Biography), with Ms Beth Smits (Biography) as Vice President. Executive Director for the Group is Mr David Dodwell (Biography), former Financial Times Trade Editor, and for the past 15 years an active contributor to trade, economic and competitiveness analysis in Hong Kong. Academic policy advisors to the Group come from reputable research institutions, including the Evian Group in Switzerland, European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, and the Petersen Institute for International Economics in US.

Looking to the future, a key aim for the Group is to augment Hong Kong business’s influence in Asia. The Group also strives towards becoming a leading think tank and thought leader for the creation, dissemination, and communication of information and knowledge on trade policy developments in the Asia Pacific Region.


        Mr Anthony Nightingale        Mr David Dodwell