2018 ABAC Meetings


ABAC members normally meet four times a year to discuss APEC/ABAC work issues. Other business-relevant summits, in particular SME Summits, tend to be attached to each of these meetings.

During the first meeting of each year, ABAC members normally meet with Senior Officials from APEC economies, to exchange views on priorities for the year ahead. After the last meeting of the year, ABAC members attend at the APEC CEO Summit, which provides an opportunity for business leaders in the Asia-Pacific to engage in discussion with leaders, policy makers, academics and other CEOs on issues facing the region. The culmination of the year’s activity, immediately following the last ABAC meeting, is the annual ABAC Members’ Dialogue with APEC Leaders – a vivid example of APEC's efforts to promote public-private sector dialogue and cooperation.

During the Papua New Guinea chairmanship in 2018, the four ABAC meetings will be held in Auckland (New Zealand) in Febuary, Tokyo (Japan) in April, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in July, and Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) in November.

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