APEC & ABAC Reports

In Focus: SME Internationalization and Measurement

APEC Policy Brief (Issue 12, March 2015)
This policy brief examines different forms of SME internationalization, and discusses methods to measure the degree of internationalization of SMEs. It also explores feasible ways for APEC to measure SME internationalization in the region.

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In Focus: Value Chain Resilience in the Asia Pacific: A Synthesis Report

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Policy Support Unit (APEC PSU), in consultation with the Committee of Trade and Investment (CTI), conducted four studies to deepen understanding and increase awareness of the emerging systemic risks and value chain resilience (VCR) by evaluating three elements of resilience—value chain risks, strength and connectedness—quantitatively and estimating their impact on the APEC region’s trade and investment. This synthesis report attempts to summarize the main findings of those studies as well as the policy implications and the way forward.

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