Dodwell's blog on SOM1 Ningbo - Post 6

February 26, 2014

Ningbo has not been only about services, supply chains and services in supply chains…. There have been some interesting developments too on the health agenda that was “mainstreamed” early last year by Indonesia, only to peter out for unclear reasons. A year ago, ABAC too was finding it hard to accept the health issue as a priority, but in recent months, driven by keen attention from our US colleagues, we are at last taking the issue seriously. The importance of the health issue for business is of course self evident: literally billions of productive working hours are lost or impaired every year through ill health – whether it is contagious illness like dengi fever or malaria, or a non-communicable illness like heart disease, diabetes or simple obesity. Better late than never that we engage.
So it was valuable that Alex Parle from ABAC USA attended APEC's Life Sciences Innovation Forum (LSIF) and Health Working Group meetings to update officials on the two health-related projects ABAC is undertaking this year; a study to assess the impact of non-communicable diseases (NCD) on workforce productivity and a pilot project on the use of global data standards in pharmaceutical supply chains. LSIF gave clear support for both initiatives and agreed to serve as a resource for existing data and studies in these areas. Also very interesting, under the Health Working Group, China is launching a “Healthy Asia Pacific 2020" initiative, and we can expect that ABAC’s NCD study can contribute strongly here, conveying private sector perspectives on the critical linkage between good health and high levels of productivity and strong economic growth.

Officials at work

Miserable rainy APEC day in Ningbo
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