Dodwell in SOM1 Moscow - Post 5

February 12, 2012

While most of you lucky people have been capturing a bit of family and relaxation time over the weekend, the APEC circus has continued to roll. It is one of the fine traditions of APEC Senior Official meetings that they continue to meet right through weekends. Sensible, really, when hotel rooms cost US$300 a night, and every day away from home is an additional cost to the taxpayer. Doubly sensible when it is -20 degrees outside, with every incentive to stay huddled in the warmth of the hotel!


The weekend’s meetings were particularly important for ABAC: we were able to present to the Investment Experts Group on the “Investing for Growth” report (full report) prepared over last summer by NC APEC in the US; and we were able to contribute to a special workshop on “Regulatory Coherence” based on a substantial report brought together by ABAC New Zealand and NC APEC which described the practical damage and cost to business of regulatory “divergence” in three sectors – dairy, electronics and off-road transport. The challenge of harmonizing regulations across economies may seem very dry stuff, but for most businesses it is critically important. The ABAC report provides vivid glimpses into the costs to business of having to comply with so many different regulations in different economies. There has over the past year been a big push by APEC officials to explore how regulatory barriers to business can be reduced, and there is consistent immense interest in business input in these areas, and respect for the practical focus we provide. Such reports involve huge effort on the part of many of our members but it is gratifying to see how they are devoured. I wonder what ideas we have for special reports in 2012??

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