Dodwell in SOM 2 Meetings at Kazan - Post 7

June 02, 2012

Over the course of the past week, four APEC committees have asked me to present to them on what ABAC has been up to – the Market Access Group, the Investment Experts Group, the Economic Committee, and the Committee on Trade and Investment. This gave a timely opportunity to report back on the outcomes of the year’s second ABAC meeting in Kuala Lumpur, which finished just a week ago (seems a lifetime ago after a week running around Kazan!).

Rather than bore you recounting what I said, I attach the powerpoint itself (PDF), which I think is self explanatory.

Some of Kazan’s tourist delights - The Tatar Village tourism spot in Kazan


Some of Kazan’s tourist delights - Some of Kazan’s tourist delights - A Tatar dancer performing for APEC tourists

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