Dodwell in 2013 SOM1 Jakarta - Post 5

February 01, 2013

Our ABAC resources were spread wide on Thursday, as we strove to listen in to discussions at the Economic Committee, the Market Access Group, and the Investment Experts Group. As John Larkin, the new CTI Chair, has been addressing all of these working groups, it has been gratifying to hear him talk forcefully of the need to converge discussions on services liberalization with those on investment liberalization (of course including foreign investment liberalization). As I understand it, these are views ABAC shares strongly, and they provide marvelous foundations for our priority of services liberalisation and for the work of the Marshall School in 2013 on Foreign Investment chokepoints. John and other officials are in the process of discussing ABAC’s  proposal for a Public-Private Dialogue at SOM2 in Surabaya in April, and my sense is they will want to go ahead.

The Market Access meeting seemed to be dominated by US presentations on Remanufacturing, while in the Investment Experts Group I had been tasked to provide a summary of our ABAC1 in Manila as it was relevant to IEG members. But our main task of the day was to listen. Most interesting at IEG was a very strong presentation from APEC’s research body, the Policy Support Unit ( PSU) on Foreign Investment flows in APEC by sector and source.


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