Dodwell in 2013 SOM2 Surabaya - Post 8

April 14, 2013

The Investment Experts Group’s (IEG) “accidental hero”, the blunt speaking convenor John Kitchen, flew back home to Australia on Saturday a happy man – mission accomplished. The mid-life crisis of the IEG was given careful attention by colleagues in CTI, with the decision to cut meetings from three to two a year. Potential successors as Convenor have also come forward. And we in ABAC have been put on the hook, tasked to organize a half-day workshop at IEG3 in Medan in June on “Setting the Agenda” – providing a business view of what we would like our Investment Experts to do. Looks like yet another task for our Regional Economic Integration Working Group, but a valuable one – to reexamine the structure of our business relationship with this important group of APEC officials, to clarify how the important investment-related work of APEC is divided between the Trade officials’ track (SOM), and that of the Senior Financial Officials (SFOM). Our Indonesian chair of APEC keeps telling us they are trying to bring Senior officials and Senior Financial Officials together, perhaps in Medan, to explore the synergies between their two tracks of work – but no firm outcomes yet.

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