Dodwell in SOM3 Medan - Post 4

June 27, 2013

ABAC was tasked this week to update on our concerns about the APEC Business Travel Card with the Business Mobility group (BMG). Even though our position has not in any significant way moved since we met in Jakarta in January, this was not an opportunity to be missed – in particular because of the survey on business attitudes to the ABTC currently under way with ABAC Japan.

So we reviewed our key concerns: the painfully slow processing time for each card; our desire for a 5 year card rather than the present three year card; the hassle of an ABTC becoming invalid if your passport is changed or altered; issues arising from pressure for more special interest cards, like the proposed APEC Card for Emergency Responders; and the need to put the ABTC initiative under the umbrella of the ambitious multi-year APEC Travel Facilitation Initiative.

And then we outlined the details of the ABAC Japan survey on business attitudes to the card. Tantalisingly, the ABAC japan work is far from finished. Survey responses are just in, and are only now being examined. It is going to be a rush, but the expectation that ABAC members will in Kyoto in the first week of July see some reasonably hard findings. This did not stifle keen interest among BMG members. On the contrary, they were anxious to press on us an extra question in the questionnaire – on business attitudes to the newly launched ABTC Website. I wonder whether ABAC Japan is able to shoot off to participants a last minute question. At the moment this is hypothetical – we need from BMG a precise question to circulate. Beware Japan… may be more work in hand...

The smog that engulfed Singapore last week swept over Medan this morning

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