Dodwell in SOM3 Medan - Post 9

July 04, 2013

Sunrise in Medan

As I fly out of Medan, I depart with a nagging guilt. I normally try to provide readers with a prompt and comprehensive report-back on all key discussions taking place during the SOM cluster meetings. This time I have been remiss, and a number of key summaries need still to be written. I have several lame excuses: logistics in Medan, with meetings spread across four different hotels in a traffic jammed city, made coverage of all meetings almost impossible; the Medan menu was also massive. I’m told there were more meetings in San Francisco in 2011, and I’m told that my estimate of 82 meetings is slightly exaggerated by some duplications. But either way, covering more than 70 diverse meetings has been deeply challenging.

The least lame of my excuses is that I was called on to make more presentations on ABAC’s behalf than ever before – and while you are running from meeting to meeting making presentations, you have no time to sit quietly and listen to the many interesting discussions. In total, I had to give 14 presentations over the two weeks, and was tasked on ABAC’s behalf to organize and moderate for the Investment Experts’ Group a half-day workshop on “Whither the IEG” (I will write a blog on this in due course). These presentations ranged from general ABAC introductions and reports back (to the Economic Committee, the Ocean fisheries Working Group, and the Mining Task Force) and three briefings on Global Data Standards, to two presentations on ABAC’s Services agenda after the Surabaya Services Dialogues,  to skills mapping with the Human Resources Development Working Group, good Regulatory Practices with the Standards and Conformance Steering Committee, and ABAC concerns to improve the APEC Business Travel Card in the Business Mobility Group. I was also called on to present on this year’s Marshall School project on blockages to foreign direct investment, and to the Steering Committee on ECOTECH (SCE) on business reservations about the workings of the newly created Policy Partnerships.

In short, my brain is now fairly numb, and I fear the blogs have suffered. I give myself a B+ and apologise. After a good sleep on a plane back to Hong Kong the remaining four blogs will hopefully have a stronger spring in their step.

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