Malaysia's APEC/ABAC Year ahead

December 16, 2019

Malaysia’s APEC/ABAC Year ahead
After the disruption following abrupt and last-minute cancellation of APEC and ABAC meetings in Santiago in November, APEC Senior Officials met in Singapore at the beginning of December to “sign off” Chile’s 2019 chairmanship year, and then flew on to Langkawi in Malaysia for the informal Senior Officials’ Meeting (iSOM) last week, allowing the Malaysian government to set out proposed priorities for 2020. This meeting also gave ABAC’s incoming Malaysia chair Dato Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood the opportunity to present to ABAC’s 2020 business community priorities.
Apart from Dato Rohana  and her new Sherpa, Jukee HONG, several other APEC representatives were able to join the meetings. These included, of course, Tony Basilio and Evelyn Manaloto from the ABAC Secretariat; Alex Parle, from the National Centre for APEC in Seattle, who will in the coming year be lead staffer for Peggy Hollinger from Microsoft, who is set to become chair of ABAC’s Digital and Innovation Working Group (DIWG); Lisa Barker from ABAC Australia, who continues as lead staffer for Rod Edington as chair of the Regional Economic Integration Working Group (REIWG); and myself, representing ABAC Hong Kong China.
Attached is Rohana’s powerpoint outline for 2020
In the coming days, I will elaborate on the outline. I will also summarise APEC Malaysia’s 2020 priorities, which appear to be well synchronised with those of ABAC. I will also provide Malaysia’s outline of key meetings for 2020.
If you have specific interest in any particular priority, or meeting, please get back to me so that I can elaborate further, or get more information if it is not yet to hand.
David Dodwell
Executive Director, Hong Kong-APEC Trade Policy Group

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