Malaysia’s Key 2020 APEC Meetings

December 17, 2019

Malaysia’s Key 2020 APEC Meetings
Attached is a powerpoint tabled by Malaysia’s Senior Official at iSOM listing key 2020 meetings. This list excludes ABAC’s meetings (dates circulated yesterday), and will be added to as key working groups announce dates for their meeting plans. In brief, it is worth noting the following:
  • The Senior official “meeting “clusters (some of which can comprise up to 80 working groups) are as follows:
SOM1                    Feb 3-22               Putrajaya, Malaysia
SOM2                    Apr 8-19               Kota Kinabalu
SOM3                    Aug 1-15              Penang
CSOM                   Nov 6-7                Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya
  • Key Ministerial Meetings are:
Tourism Ministers                             Apr 14-16             Langkawi            
Trade Ministers                                Apr 20-21             Kota Kinabalu
Structural Reform Ministers             Aug 17-18            Selangor
Finance Ministers                            Oct 26-28             Putrajaya             (Senior Finance Officials meet in March and June)
  • High-level Dialogues (intended to bring Govt and Private Sector together on key issues) are:
Health and the Economy                              Aug 5-6                 Penang
Food Security                                               Aug 8-9                 Penang
SME Week                                                   Sept 21-24            Kuala Lumpur
Women and the Economy                            Oct 6-9                  Kuala Lumpur
  • Leaders’ Week – the climax of the APEC 2020 Calendar – will be in Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya. It includes:
Concluding Senior Officials meeting:                     Nov 6-7
APEC Ministers meeting:                                       Nov 8-9
ABAC Meeting                                                       Nov 5-8
APEC CEO Summit                                               Nov 10-11
ABAC Leaders’ Dialogue                                       Nov 11 
APEC Leaders’ Meeting                                        Nov 12


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