Dodwell's blog on SOM2 in Boracay - Post 3

May 14, 2015

By Tuesday, the ABAC troops were gathering. Mika Takahashi was in Emergency Preparedness, and Tony Nowell preparing for Food Security. Cathy Merceda is due any moment.
With these two important groups well covered, I spent the day on three “Friends of the Chair” meetings – one on progress towards implementation of the agreement on Environmental Goods and Services, one on Global Value Chains, and a third on the “Next Generation” agenda. Needless to say, these threw up fascinating discussions.
On the 54-product Environmental Goods list, progress towards implementation is strong to get tariffs to 5% or less, but deeply practical insights from the OECD on the intricate complexities of implementation of each specific product line item brought a sobering reminder of the distance between “in principle” commitment, and on the ground “customs interpretation” of each item included in the list. Even the WTO acknowledges this is ground breaking work, so it is attracting high priority. Detailed reports on progress will go to Trade Ministers who meet here at the end of next week.
The discussions on Global Value Chains and on Next Generation issues deserve separate attention – so new blogs later…
Friends of the Chair meeting.JPG
Crowed huddle at the three Friends of the Chair meetings
Gov party.JPG
Philippine government party for participants at the Emergency Preparedness Working Group (not all work!)
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